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Station and WebCam
The original Lixwm Village Website was created a number of years ago originally to hold information on the Weather Station and WebCam I run from my home address but expanded over time.

Weather Station
The weather station is a Vantage Vue Pro and is wifi enabled to my base station in the house. The station records a multitude of settings and keeps track of them through out the years with stats now running back would you believe until 2012!

The webcam has slowly been introduced over the last several months and can be found here:
The webcam is an IP Camera again wireless and runs 24hrs a day but updates every minute on the website.

All data from the weather station is pushed to the Met Office Wow found here: [url=]

It is also pushed to Weather Underground here:

I have also configured the base station to communicate with twitter and the station weather is tweeted every hour from the hours of 7am - 10pm found here:

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