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First Cabinet Now Live!!

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First Cabinet Now Live!!

Postby Admin » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:31 am

The first cabinet on Halkyn Exchange is now live with speeds up 80MB! This is cabinet 5, which is outside the exchange in Halkyn.

The message for Lixwm when entering details into Superfast Cymru is as follows:

Work is ongoing in your area, but faster broadband isn't available to you just yet

You are connected to cabinet number 4 on the Halkyn exchange.

The first homes and businesses in your exchange area now have access to fibre broadband, however not all premises can go live at the same time. Please register your interest and we'll keep you posted.

This is the message when entering details for the village into Superfast Broaband

Exchange name: Halkyn

Status: Under Review

We're in your area but we're still assessing whether or not we can upgrade your cabinet. This means you can't order Superfast Fibre. Click here to find out more >

Remember please register your interest, some villages have been by passed due to lack of interest!!

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