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Update as of 28th June 2016

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Update as of 28th June 2016

Postby Admin » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:14 am

Ground works are continuing this week and I had a chat with the team. This is the last phase of placing the hollowed cable throughout the village. After this the team that blows the cable through this then begin their task and the only steps required then are to have the Cabinet upgraded to Fibre, which will no doubt be a new cabinet next the current one and your own connections to the system via the nearest pole to your house.

The will test the system prior to it being broadcasted that the area is live but that does not take that long.

The team did say that they are in the words 'blitzing' the area to get it done!

I believe they would want it doing prior to the school returning after school holidays to prevent any disruption to the school and teaching.

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